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Introduce Yourself & General forum stuff / Re: Welcome to the StyleCAD User Forum
« Last post by MDayton on September 16, 2015, 11:23:55 AM »
I am Martha Dayton, I work with Peggy Paradise and we make pressure garments for burned children. We are new to StyleCAD and have been making garments that are drafted by hand. We are looking to streamline and extend our garments to the rest of the hospitals we are affiliated with, and stylecad will be a great tool for accuracy and expanstion!
Update to this, could be considered a bug:
When I export a pattern marker to gerber, not all of the artwork comes through. Playing with it, I've learned that if I save the artwork (if extensive) as 2 notations and grade each separately, I'm good.
I'll share this with Angie and Rebekah. Thanks, K.
A long standing bugaboo in grading and in all grading programs, is the issue of being able to grade internal lines to they scale appropriately in each size. Iow, none of them can do it. Or rather, none could. StyleCAD finessed an existing tool in the program to permit nice scaling. This is a new feature so the next time you need to reload your exe files or something, the fix will be included.

Here's a hand out on it. It is not as helpful as it could be, it's just a starting point as this is a new feature and these instructions were written specifically for me.

Additional notes not in the documentation:
Select all lines [in the internal line grouping] in (whatever segment).
Right click work area, select "convert to notation".
In the dialog box that pop ups, select "no change" and then okay.

To grade the internal line "notation", flip over to grading side of PDS.
Select artwork, there should be a bounding box and right click.  Choose "enable scale grading"

From there you're home free altho it's a bit tricky...:) have to navigate corners to apply grade with the tab key. It'll take some fiddling with to get it right.

Known bugs: When viewing the internal lines within marker making, the internal lines won't appear or only partially. However, they plot out just fine (in my experience).

So I'd never made a cut file, this is for those who are in the same boat; a contractor needs a cut file of your pattern for their CAM cutter.
Again, another of Marina's hand outs, worked for me.

Keep in mind, in case you end up with someone who is incredibly and grossly incompetent, the cutter needs to run a test file to make sure the file is good so you may need to revise it.
Using the automatic dxf export [to Illustrator, AutoCAD etc] feature in StyleManager is a problem. As far as you can tell, it is working just fine but you won't be able to open the files in Illustrator. Then, if you go back to PDS and try to export from there, you'll get an error that says " can't find SCAD_Illustrator_DXF_part1.dxf" (and part 2, 3 etc).

For whatever reason, those files go missing after using auto export from StyleManager so you need to replace them. Hopefully you have a back up. If not, those can be obtained from another user. You simply copy those files into your SCAD folder and voila, you're back in business. I'm not willing to retest from StyleManager but it works well enough from PDS.
Marina made me this hand out. If you have HPGL (ink jet printer) and need a pen plot file, reverse the steps.

edit: I posted this before trying it out -there is one last step, discovered via trial and error.
Once the marker file appears in the window, select the marker and the green arrow button as you normally would when printing a marker and voila, the files appear in the plt folder under SCAD -which btw, you needed to have created beforehand. Forgot to mention that too.
Questions? Answers? Please post here. / Re: Digital nest?
« Last post by Kristopher on April 24, 2015, 04:20:33 PM »
That worked beautifully.  You're the best!
Questions? Answers? Please post here. / Re: Digital nest?
« Last post by Vesta on April 24, 2015, 04:04:34 PM »
That sounds perfect! Off to send this to Kristopher (and make him register here). Thank you!
Questions? Answers? Please post here. / Re: Digital nest?
« Last post by Kathleen Fasanella on April 23, 2015, 05:39:20 PM »
Ha! I discovered another way to create nests in the marker making program.

>Select size quantities and fabric widths as usual when creating a marker.

>Lower desired pieces you want to nest -I recommend doing this piece by piece; it won't do it globally (that I know of) and it's not automatic.

>Stack the pieces as desired (don't waste too much time getting it aligned pretty, an exercise in futility, just get the pieces in the same portion of the marker), obviously all but the first piece will be deactivated.

> On the left hand side tool bar, second from the bottom (just above the drill) is a -you got it- nesting over ride. Select that.

> Click each layered piece and pull it in. It is not particularly intuitive but it works. It will find its own stack point depending on the direction you move each piece. Play with it a little. It works pretty well.
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